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Introduction to Threads with Java (I)

Java Threading provides the ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time and basically the easy to implement asynchronous behavior. Many of the JDK libraries are thread safe, meaning data structures are safe to be accessed by multiple threads at the same time, for instance as all immutable objects are. The steps to start…

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Java Basics (2): Reference vs Primitive Types

The Java language provides us with two data types: primitive types and reference types. The primitive types are eight built-in data types, namely: Java Primitive Types Primitive Type Size Range byte 8 bits -128 to 127 short 16 bits -32768 to 32767 int 32 bits -231 to 231 – 1 long 64 bits -263 to…

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JavaBeans, Retrospection & Events

In this post I’m going to show you an example on how Retrospection works in Java. This example makes use of the Event framework as the Retrospection will be done using Bound properties in a JavaBean. Remember, Bound properties are those a bean has that provide property change notifications to listeners (getters and setters with…

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