SiteGround launches a special offer for migrations you can't miss

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Are you thinking in changing your hosting provider? Have you recently changed it and you're not completely satisfied? Then you're lucky 'cause SiteGround has now launched a new and a very interesting special offer for migrating services from your current hosting provider.

This promotion will live until next September 27th and, besides the special features SiteGround includes by default in its hosting services (SSD disks and LXC containerization), you can take profit of this special offer with:

  • Free website migration. SiteGround technical staff will freely perform your website migration for you.
  • Free domain transfer. This is available until next October 8th.
  • 6 months of Free Hosting service, in case you hired your current hosting services before last September 1st, and you're willing to hire SiteGround for at least 1 year.

This promotion is offered through SiteGround spanish website.

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